Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BDMS”), was established in 2013, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of pigment carbon black.

BDMS’s subsidiary and holding company includes:

• Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd (Hefei, China)

• Black Diamond Material Science LLC (Pennsylvania, USA)

• Longmen Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd. (Shanxi, China)

As the most widely used black pigment, pigment carbon black is the essential colorant for coatings, ink and plastics, with the application for high-end series products such as automotive coatings, toner of printer and copier, high precision plastic parts of electronics.

BDMS has several self-developed products. Over the last few years, more than 20 patents for inventions and for utility models have been granted to BDMS. BDMS is also the member of China National Standard committee and Industrial Standard Committee of pigment carbon black industry, and has been a major contributor in the development of China National Pigment Carbon Black Standards.

BDMS’s trademarks YongFeng®PowCarbon® and BeaBlack®are among the most trusted brands in the industry. With products sold to nearly 70 countries and regions, BDMS is the largest market player in China and one of the top pigment carbon black suppliers in the world.

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    Excellent Benchmark of CB Industry

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